The Cost Of Owning A Record Player

Orbit Record PlayerAs long as you take the initiative to learn the different parts and how to compile them together, you’ll be able to tweak a $200 record player into one that’s on-par with a $2,000 or even $3,000 version. You’ll likely have to start with the major components of a record player. Each turntable will always have the cartridge, the stylus, the tonearm, platter, the drive and a phono pre-amp. If any of these parts are missing, the entire turntable simply wouldn’t function. Also, overspending on a single component while disregarding the rest doesn’t make sense as well. You need each turntable component to complement each other perfectly.

Unfortunately, in order to get there, you’ll likely have to spend a fortune, because those little cartridges and fancy tonearms aren’t exactly cheap. Take the Technics SL1000R for example. The Technics 1000 has always been a favorite among record player fans simply because it was the best at that time when turntables were all the rage. The latest SL1000R enhances its original features even more. Now, it’s a beast that’s selling for over $5,000. You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend nearly as much in order to get the same quality of music that’s capable of being produced by your very own record player however.